Sunday, October 09, 2011

getting ready for halloween!

1. halloween banner swap with my art group: check!

the challenge was to use "non traditional" color combinations.  so, in other words: no black/orange.

so i tried different combinations: black/white/purple/red/green

i think they turned out pretty good! (or bad, i mean, it is halloween afterall!)

2. visit to a pumpkin patch: check!

the girls were lucky to be invited to a birthday party that just so happened to have been held at the cutest of cute pumpkin patches.  there was a giant pumpkin to climb inside (hence, orange-tinted photos!)

and lots of opportunities for cute photo-ops (none, of course, that came out of the cute hay-bale maze, train ride or petting zoo!  but that's ok.  we had fun and that's what matters most!)

3. time for some october journaling: check!!  not in traditional fall colors, but that's ok by me.  what are you doing to prepare for fall/autumn/halloween?

1 comment:

  1. ZOMG, Nika, those banners are SO CUTE!!! I love the cursive tape labeling. I've never seen that before. Those look like your style but also a nice departure. I love them all!



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