Friday, May 13, 2011

springtime journaling


here are a few recent journaling pages.  me and the girls have been taking walks for lunch to the nearby college campus where we spend hours running in the grass, frolicking in the fountain and cooling off in the shade.  while the girls play, i have the chance to journal.

the weather has been a bit cold and windy these past few days so we haven't had a chance to take our walks and journal outside.   but i know summer is just around the corner, so i'm enjoying this little bit of spring we have left.


ok, i had to share with you my new washi tape!  the first "row" is the normal sized tape.  two new favorites: airmail stripe and the black & white stripe.  the other three are just refills of my favorites that i'm almost out of.  the second row shows the new MINI tapes i just ordered from UGUISU online.  they come in groups of 8 and they are smaller than the average rolls.  so you can get a wide variety for a little less than you'd pay for the larger rolls.  this color combo is "vivid."  they also come in "sweet" which is a more pastel color combo.


i have been using a lot of tape, stickers, labels, scrap book paper, stamps and a few pens.


oh, and rub-ons are a lot of fun, too!  i would love to know what your favorite, must-have journaling supplies are.  feel free to share in the comments! :)


  1. Do you cut words out of your tape?

  2. that's a good idea! but, no, i don't cut the words out of tape. i use sticker alphabets like the ones for scrapbook pages. and then i add patterns on top with sakura gel pens (the moonlight or souffle kinds work the best)

  3. Every time I see your journal pages and hear about your zen outside play/art time with the girls I think you've got to teach this... to moms.

  4. I can't wait til we can frolick for hours with you and the girls! I'ma make it happen. The pages are beautiful, as always, Mama-san :)

  5. Ok, thanks! I had never heard of that tape until your blog. It looks really cute. I might break down and get me some.

  6. love your bright cheerful pages!!

  7. I too have a love of washi tape.....yum!

  8. you can get a hol;d of so much more stuff in america...ssooooo jealous....people just dont seem to post to australia...then if they do it costs some hugely rediculous your pages as are such an inspration...about to google the tapes and see what happens...take care and have a beautiful week

  9. thanks nicole...finally got some of that magic tape from etsy...well...ordered some...can't wait til i get it...thanks so much for the heads

  10. the tape are just perfect !



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