Sunday, February 13, 2011

spray paint LOVE

Finally had a chance to post photos of what i've been up to...

after taking stitched & stenciled with mary ann moss (and after waiting for calm, sunny weather) i got some spray paint and had a great time!

i've been working in my new EXTRA LARGE moleskine journal (photo of my hand to show the size of this monster!)

here's a photo of a how the pages start. with collage from magazines and a couple random colors of paint.

more colorful backgrounds. i like to use journal pages for experiments!

the only thing with spray paint is that it is VERY TOXIC! so the proper mask is very important. i still don't have the right one! mine protects from fumes but not the toxic stuff so i only spray a little bit at a time and only outdoors. and since i don't have the right mask, i haven't been using spray paint--instead i use adirondack spray inks by ranger.

they're also good to use indoors and they are non-toxic. the only thing is that they stain! so wear protective gloves and cover your work surface. i worked outdoors on some valentines for my bay area art sisters group v-day card swap.

the theme this year was "no red or pink". so i used blues, aquas and violets (i am pretty stuck on traditional holiday colors, so this was a challenge! the violet was the closest i could get to red!)

i used stencils and masks so i got a lot of cool results. i just layered several 4x6 watercolor postcards and stencils and sprayed a little here and there. when they were semi dry, i put some masks down (i used some heart shapes) and sprayed in darker colors over that.

i used journals as my work surface so i ended up with a ton of cool ready-made surfaces. can't wait to get journaling again! the weather is starting to warm up and the days are getting longer (thank goodness!!!) so it looks like we'll be spending more time out on the lawn with our art projects. just have to figure out what to do with the little one. she's not one for sitting still for very long! we'll see... ;)



  1. beautiful art pages! love them!

  2. love the spray paint affect! I can't wait till it really warms up here so I can break out the spray paint!

  3. Oh, I love your new banner, Mama!

  4. nicole. seriously beautiful stencil work. love the immense size of those pages. GORGEOUS!!!!!

  5. These are absolutely stunning Nicole!!! How creative you incredible art!!!



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