Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new obsession: digital scrapbooking

digital paper designed by crystal wilkerson, digital template designed by jessica sprague

i've always loved to create with my hands and in the "real" world, but i've got to admit, sometimes it's fun to just create something real quick in between nap time and snack time and all those little chunks of time that a mother's day seems to be sliced into.

i'm taking a free online class with jessica sprague and i am totally hooked on digital scrapbooking now! i just told raul that now i need a good printer for christmas! any recommendations?

what's great about digital is that you can mix it with physical 3-D projects, too. in class, we are designing on photoshop and printing it out and then arranging it in our art journals and further embellishing with 3-D elements. fun fun!

(i added the misplaced elements so i could post it on my blog without revealing the identity of her friends. she was really proud of her page and wanted to show it to everyone out there!)

even my daughter got in on the fun and created a scrap book page of her own. (and since she's homeschooled, i counted the hour as part of her school day. she learned graphic design and how to manipulate layers in photoshop! sweet!)

(weird photo courtesy of my new camera. not sure how i did that--i was trying to set the camera down and "flash!" i got this strange shot of the arm of my new flannel pjs!)

winter is now in full effect here in northern california. the leaves are slowly turning red, yellow, orange and falling off the trees. there is that distinct, clean "winter" smell in the air. hard to explain. but it is crisp, clean and cold with a hint of fireplace smoke. just lovely.

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas around here...i guess we should turn on our xmas lights (still hanging on our house from last year!) and go in search of a little charlie brown tree to rescue. ;)


  1. Oh no! Not you! You, who are so amazingly talented with physical, feel-able media ... Please don't turn to the Dark Side!

    I suppose I'll offend some, so let me say that I come from this position as a longtime journalism professional who deals with digital design on a daily basis. I respect the creative process that's poured into a computer -- really, I do. But it's just nothing like being able to viscerally connect with a work.

    What I mean by that is this. How many times have you lifted an old book to your mouth and nose and breathed in the dusty, murky smell of its history? How many times have you reached out, then caught yourself, wanting to touch so badly the crumpled-yellowed rose petals of a dancetime bouquet, squashed into a scrapbook? Or run the sweet tendrils of a scrap of velvet or lace through your fingers?

    And how pleased were your senses to be rewarded?

    Now try those actions with a digital creation.

    sigh. I suppose this whole argument is the exact argument my profession is undergoing -- real print newspaper vs. online replication. Can you tell which side I'm on ... no matter if it's the "losing" side?

    Respectfully submitted:)

  2. Well, in defense of Nicole's new obsession, I think she's sniffed enough musty old books for a lifetime, haha.

    But truly Nika, I know you will always, always love the hands-on creating...this just seems like a different and cool new tool to add to your bag of fun. Very cute pages! And that's great that M was able to get in on the fun. I could imagine kids in her class doing a project like that in the computer lab at school, but it would take three times as long for everyone to muddle through, and they'd only do like 1 page after a week's worth of effort. I want you to be MY teacher, and Kalil's too! :)

    Happy scrapping Mama-san.

  3. no worries, christina! all comments and opinions are welcome! :) and don't worry, i haven't turned to the "dark side." ;) i just found a way to finally put my billions of photos to use! i know some day i will have time to sit down and put those photos in 3-D albums. but for now, it brings me GREAT pleasure to see them arranged in a pleasing manner with pretty colors in the background. i plan to print the pages and then embellish with layers of ribbon and buttons and "real life" mementos (first lock of hair, first drawing, etc.) and as always, mixed media is my passion. i just jump around from one media to the next. mixing them as i please. and i agree, a digital creation will never compare to an old book, but some day, these printed pages will fade and age and crumble, too. heck, who knows what will become of our blogs, our digital images, the internet. all of it. just a blip in time in the grand scheme of things. ;)

  4. I just bought a Cannon Pixima MG5220, it's on sale at best buy for under 100. It prints out great pics, and scans and copies. Its amazing.
    And you can just put your camera memory card in it to print pics! And it prints wirelessly! I'm lovin it!

  5. thanks, gal. i'll have to look into it! i have a pixma, too. we got it a few years ago. it's definitely time for an upgrade!



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