Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art Angels

wow, just when i think, "i give up! i can't do this artist/mom thing anymore--one of us has got to go!" art angels come to my rescue. whether in the form of kind and encouraging words from fellow mom/artists or sweet handmade artmail gifts (see above! thank you, catherine!!), the timing couldn't have been more perfect. and the message is clear: i am a mom and an artist and i cannot separate one from the other. and there will be a time when i can spend endless hours in the studio, but that time isn't now. now is the time to enjoy watching my children grow and enjoy and savor the best moments and saving them to memory so i can get through the rough spots. and if i have a few minutes here and there, i can sew a few pages in an art journal or jot some ideas down in an idea book to save for a future me (again, thank you, catherine!) ;)

or if i'm just in a rut and feeling kind of blue, i can make a treasury on Etsy (my first one! they're hard to get. if you don't want to stalk the treasury and wait for a spot to open up, you can always make a practice one here)

art will always be here. but these days of chubby toes and giggles and first steps will be gone in a blink of an eye. i will always have time for art but i won't always have these little bitty babies (my oldest are already in high school and my middle child, my first baby, is in second grade going on middle school!).

a little triumph tonite: sureya went to bed at 9 without much fuss! let's see how long she stays asleep (knock on wood!) here's to relaxing art-filled evenings and babies who sleep through the night! (10:17pm...i hear some crying, i spoke too soon!..maybe she'll just go back to sleep? ah, the joys of motherhood! can't a mom just be done at the end of the day and "clock out" like everyone else?)

i know, she'll be all grown up before i know it. and some days, i feel like it couldn't come sooner! here's to another long night. but i know there's light at the end of the tunnel. and a little baby that needs her mama right now.

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  1. Your post is beautiful and so true. These babies grow up so quickly and you don't want to miss one second. You can still make time for art but knowing what is more important the key :)



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