Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween Fun, Too

Another fun and spooky Halloween has come and gone. This year me and Maya made some holiday wreaths with a macabre theme in mind. The wreath below looks rather tame but upon closer inspection, you'll notice the fingers tucked in here and there (Maya's idea!).

One stop at our local Michael's was all it took to put these spooky wreaths together in a matter of minutes. I borrowed some red sparkly poinsetta from the Christmas section to top off the creepy red-and-black theme.

And added some fingernail polish to the plastic fingers for a gruesome touch. ;) (ooh, no pun intended).

This year we had some help from my stepdaughter, Brielle, to create a Halloween scene on the porch and a graveyard in our front lawn. Here she's posing as Captain Jack Harkness (from the show "Torchwood") with Sureya as a little monkey, Maya as Mulan and our old, dear headless friend, Freaky Freddy.

All night we couldn't figure out why little kids were so hesitant to approach our porch for sweets...until we noticed that from afar, it looked as though Brielle's head were attached to Freddy's body! And as you walked closer, it looked like Brielle's head was floating off to the side (thanks to a weird optical illusion!)

Next year, I think I'll get it together sooner and include Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) in with our Halloween fun. I'm taking Suzi Blu's online course right now and it is full of Day of the Dead inspiration and fun. Hope you're having some creative moments wherever you are! Let the holiday fun begin!

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