Saturday, August 01, 2009

finished journal pages and give-away WINNERS

baby is sleeping...shhh! so i've got a quick little moment to post some new journal pages and the give-away winners. Congratulations, Carol! You won the Stampin' Up catalog plus SU goodies. And Libby won the collage paper/goodie pack! And Julie wins a goodie, too! (Ladies, contact me with your addresses to claim your prize)

I'll get those goodies out this week. I sent out both traveling journals this week. Journal #3535 is making it's way with a fellow art sister to Sun Valley, Idaho. And journal #3526 is on it's way to Gilbert, AZ! Can't wait to see what happens to them along the way.

Finally got my baby announcements made! Hooray! It's the littlest accomplishments that make a new mom feel good about her day.

I took a bazillion photos of Sureya one morning and put together some photo collage announcements on Shutterfly. Love how easy it was. These are some of the outtakes. :)

and a smile! ;) after about 79 photos!


  1. What a cutie pie! Love that tuft of hair! Thanks for the prize!


  2. beautiful baby...and lovely journal !!!



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