Tuesday, February 12, 2008

27 ATCs...whew!

Your Turn
Images by Paper Whimsy and Piddix

Magic Spell
images by Paper Whimsy, Artchix and Piddix

Her Senses
Image by Piddix (main image is public domain)

I've just completed 27 ATCs for my first ever Artfest ATC Book swap. I mass produced 27 completely different pieces of art in the course of 2 days! The swap is due this Friday, and I just sent it off this morning...we'll see if I make the deadline. :) It was fun and waiting til the last minute reminded me of all those late nights spent writing stories or finishing up art projects in college (and high school...and middle school...and elementary school--do you see the pattern?) :) I made six of the ATCs WAY ahead of time...it was just the last 21 I did in two days. It was pretty simple after I got a basic "pattern" down. Each card has a main image of a woman or girl on a funky background (pre-printed scrap paper--I applaud those artists who craft their own backgrounds from scratch!), a butterfly, a torn scrap of vintage sheet music, and a postage stamp-shaped image in the corner. I also added a scrap of funky fiber/yarn/ribbon to one edge, but I took the pictures before I decided to add it, so just use your creative imagination. ;) Here's a few of my favorites (although, I must admit, I was very happy with all of them! It was hard to part with them, but I will get an entire book full of 27 ATCs from other artists around the country (and globe?) who love art and all things ARTFEST.


  1. Nika, I love the new layout and look! It's totally different than when I saw it yesterday, and the banner is beautiful--I want a print of that! I'm in love with your pinks :) And I'm definitely going to SIFT with you next time!

    It's funny, too...I saw a big pile of those little collages when I dropped Dale off and I didn't know what they were for. I thought maybe you were going crazy and had been up for three days and three nights making mini-collages :) I wanna see some of the trades you got too next time. Keep on arting girl!

  2. Thanks, Kika! I like the new look, too. I was tired with the white background and I decided the site needed a personal touch...so the banner was born! :) I'm always up for an art adventure! Let's go soon!

  3. I know that feeling of accomplishment is so good. I once stayed up all night and set up 43 ATC's. Then I went to sleep for a few hours and got up and glued. I made sure the window was closed. HA!



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